About Us

Rai Star is a prominent automotive trade company with headquarters in 6-6-22 Aoto, Katsushika, Tokyo, 1250062 JAPAN. Each automobile in our vast inventory is acquired after rigorous evaluation and examination in Japan by our discriminating and experienced buyers, so any automobile we have may be your best option. When a customer purchases one of our vehicles, it is delivered to the customer in the lowest amount of time possible thanks to our rigors and fast procedures.

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Company Overview

  • Founded : 18 Feburary 2018
  • Headquarters : 6-6-22 Aoto, Katsushika, Tokyo, 1250062 JAPAN
  • Corporate No : 7060001030273
  • License / Representative Office : No.109, Inner Flower Road, Colombo 03, Srilanka


Representative Office

Our Directors

Yano Masaharu
Yano Masaharu
K.D Jayatilaka
K.D Jayatilaka

Our Managers

Sanjaikanth Namanathan
Sanjaikanth Namanathan General Manager
Sano Johns
Sano Johns Sales Manager

Our Team

Oshan Perera
Oshan Perera Digital Marketing & Sales Executive
M A D C Chanuka
M A D C Chanuka Web Developer
W.M Pawani
W.M Pawani Assistant & Data Inputter
K.A.K Dilrukshi
K.A.K Dilrukshi Account Assistant & Data Inputter
Sadaruwan  De Silva
Sadaruwan De Silva Sales Executive


K M Diluka Dilshan
K M Diluka Dilshan Outsourcing
G.G. Chamara Thilakarathne
G.G. Chamara Thilakarathne Outsourcing
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