Pre-orders for the new Subaru Solterra start in the US! Toyota’s new bZ4X starts at over 6 million yen in the UK! What are the different sales developments between the two companies?

"Pre-orders for the new Subaru Solterra start in the US! Toyota's new bZ4X starts at over 6 million yen in the UK! What is the different sales development between the two companies? How will sales of the highly anticipated new Solterra and the new bZ4X differ? On February 8, 2022 (local time), Subaru's U.S. subsidiary (Subaru of America) opened its reservation website for the new Solterra.    Earlier, Toyota's UK subsidiary announced the price and other details of the new bZ4X for the same market on December 15, 2021. Compare the differences between Toyota & Subaru's bZ4X & Solterra serious SUVs with real cars! (45 images) Toyota's new bZ4X and Subaru's new Solterra, BEVs made in an effort to build a better car together.  Subaru's new Solterra and Toyota's new bZ4X are models in which the two companies jointly developed a platform specifically for BEVs as the foundation.  Although their concepts are different, they were developed together with the aim of ""overturning the common belief that electric vehicles are boring.  By incorporating the requirements of a BEV, the low center of gravity, and high rigidity of the platform, the new model pursues the smooth driving performance and driving performance of a full-fledged SUV.  In addition, Subaru's AWD technology ""X-MODE"" has been adopted and ""Grip-Control"" is a new function of X-MODE.  This is said to take advantage of the characteristics of the motor drive to achieve higher driving performance than expected from a BEV that can handle everything from daily driving to light off-road and beyond.  In the global market, the new Solterra and the new bZ4X were announced to be launched in the middle of 2022, but we are now starting to see moves by Subaru and Toyota respectively.  As mentioned above, Subaru is accepting reservations starting February 8.  The U.S. lineup consists of three grades (Premium, Limited, and Touring).  The Premium comes standard with a driver assistance system and blind spot monitoring.  The Limited, based on the Premium, also comes with fog lamps, roof rails, dual spoilers, 20-inch alloy wheels, power seats, heated front and rear seats, and a heated steering wheel.  The Touring, based on the Limited, comes with a two-tone exterior body color, while the interior features a glass roof, ventilated seats, and illuminated trim.  In addition to the three grades (Pure, Motion, and Vision), the new bZ4X (UK specifications) features a special ""Premier Edition"" lineup to mark its debut.  The Pure comes with 18-inch alloy wheels, a multimedia system with 8-inch display, and a climate control system with remote control function, and is available only in 2WD.  The Motion comes standard with a rear spoiler, rear privacy glass, power back door, parking sensors, heated front seats, etc. The Motion is available with 2WD or AWD (with X-MODE).  The Vision comes with luxury features such as 20-inch alloy wheels, rear parking sensors with automatic braking, remote control parking assist, synthetic leather seat upholstery, and heated and ventilated front seats. As with the Motion, 2WD and AWD (with X-MODE) drive systems are available.  The Premier Edition is based on the Vision and comes with a nine-speaker JBL premium sound system, a panoramic roof (Sky View), and AWD (with X-MODE) as standard equipment, and is available exclusively through Toyota's online store. How to reserve the new Solterra in the US  To reserve the new Solterra in the U.S., visit the dealer of your choice, select a grade and body color, and pay a reservation fee of $250 (about 28,000 yen).  The U.S. price will be announced around the spring of 2022, and the car will be delivered in the summer of the same year after negotiations with dealers from April to May.  On the other hand, the reservation process for the new bZ4X in the UK is as follows: ""select a grade,"" ""fill out the reservation form,"" ""pay the reservation fee of 99 pounds (about 15,000 yen),"" and ""purchase,"" and it will be available for purchase in late February 2022.  Also, the UK prices have already been announced: £41,950 (about 6.57 million yen) for the Pure, £45,750 to £48,350 (about 7.16 million yen to 7.67 million yen) for the Motion.  The Vision is 47,650 pounds to 50,250 pounds (about 7.46 million yen to 7.86 million yen) and the Premier Edition is 51,550 pounds (about 8.06 million yen).  Subaru and Toyota have announced that the car will be introduced in Japan, North America, China, Europe, and other regions from the middle of 2022, with Subaru starting reservations in the U.S., where sales are strong, and Toyota planning to start sales in the European market, where they are accelerating their electrification strategy.  Although the new Solterra and the new bZ4X were jointly developed, it seems that they will be sold in different regions."

Toyota’s new bZ4X

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