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Vehicle insurance discount for Toyota “bZ4X” … Hard to break & easy to repair Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance .

"Vehicle insurance discount for Toyota ""bZ4X""...less breakage & easier repair ADI Tuesday, May 31, 2022, 09:30 Toyota bZ4X Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance announced on May 30 that it will apply a vehicle insurance discount for vehicles with excellent D&R (damage and repair) performance to the bZ4X, a new electric vehicle launched by Toyota Motor Corporation. The vehicle insurance discount based on D&R performance is based on an offer from the automaker to improve damage resistance and repairability, and Aioi Nissay Dowa Automobile Research Institute conducts collision tests and evaluates D&R performance to set reasonable vehicle insurance premiums. The company is the only non-life insurance company in Japan that owns collision testing facilities, and has developed this new product by taking advantage of its strength. Toyota's bZ4X has been recognized as a vehicle with excellent D&R performance, and a 5% discount will be applied to the vehicle insurance policy. The insurance company will support the spread of electric vehicles toward the realization of carbon neutrality. "
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