Toyota Hiace

  • Developed as a new series for overseas markets.Emphasis on transporting people, such as use as a shuttle, for tourism, or private buses, as well as logistics, with the Hiace framed as a "working vehicle." In addition to its role as a van, it is positioned as a commuter vehicle and as a vehicle for tourism.Basic performance and comfort have been greatly enhanced and advanced-level safety realized through leveraging a platform specially developed for this new model and a semi-bonnet design.

Toyota Hiace Generations

  • Toyota commemorated the 50th anniversary of the new Hiace with the launch of the special edition Super GL "50TH ANNIVERSARY LIMITED" and the "Hiace" and "Regias Ace" special edition Super GL "DARK PRIME II" were launched on August 6, 2018. The Hiace will be sold through Toyopet stores nationwide (Tokyo Toyota and Tokyo Toyopet in the Tokyo area and Osaka Toyota in the Osaka area) and the Regius Ace through Netz stores nationwide.

  • Super GL "50TH ANNIVERSARY LIMITED" price: 3,240,000-4,133,160 yen.
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